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My Life A Full Life (MLAFL)

aims to fundamentally change and improve the lives of people on the Island.  MLAFL is about organisations working together in partnership with the voluntary sector, the Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the Isle of Wight Council (IWC), the Isle of Wight NHS Trust (IWNHS Trust) and One Wight Health (a GP membership organisation) providing for peoples individual needs to enable them to take control of their lives and plan for their future health and social care needs. This work is based on the partners five year vision for integrated health and social care on the Island.  There are already examples of integrated health and social care on the Island and we aim to build on this.  

MLAFL is working with the Island community to develop initiatives with people at the centre of their health, well being and care.  Greater integration will enable us to work more effectively, deliver a more coordinated approach to health and social care services and plan for increasing demands in the future.

How will we do this?

Working closer together in the local area 

Organisations working together around people, to provide a seamless approach to care in a local area around what the individual actually needs. 

Helping people to care for themselves 

Work to help people manage their own day-to-day health conditions and care needs where they are able to do so, by providing the right equipment, advice and access to information such as their own medical information, and finding different ways of communicating with GPs and other health professionals.

Dealing with crises and getting people back on their feet quickly

If people encounter a crisis, ensuring all relevant agencies come together to tackle the problem and resolve it, so that people can get back to living as full a life as possible. 

We're now a Vanguard site!

The programme has the added advantage of now being a Vanguard site.  The Vanguard initiative is a NHS England 'new models of care' programme, based on the NHS Five Year Forward View.  Vanguard, an NHS England led initiate, is designed to support and help new models of care that are essential for people, families and carers.  The Isle of Wight, following a rigorous process, was successful in becoming a national New Models of Care Vanguard site, in a bid submitted by My Life a Full Life, supported by One Wight Health. The Vanguard status will help the work already underway to move forward, enabling the Island to move further and achieve its vision faster. You can find out more by visiting our Vanguard pages - click here



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