Working better together to improve people’s lives on the island

Emerging thinking

We are still very much in the early part of our conversations about the future of health and care services on the Island.  We've had really useful feedback from the community, we've had the benefit of insight from national and international clinical experts who have shared best practice with us.  We've also had important insight from our Island professionals and volunteers across the whole health and care system.  And we are continuing all of these discussions.

Our working groups have been looking in depth at six key focus areas; Frailty, Mental Health, Children, Young People and Families, Long-term Conditions, Urgent and Emergency Care and Planned Care.  Using all of the feedback and the data and information available, they have started to develop some early thoughts on how the new health and care system could be shaped to meet some of the challenges the Island faces.

We have shared these with our staff and at a public event at the end of June but you can also read about them here.

These are, at this stage, still emerging ideas and thoughts.  We have much more to do to explore how these might work in more detail and to continue our discussions with the community to understand how these might benefit people under a new model of care.

Following more detailed work between now and the autumn, we will be looking to hold a formal consultation towards the end of the year giving everyone a chance to have their say on these potential changes.

We welcome your feedback at any stage in this process.  You can email us at, or call us on 01983 822099 x 3085.

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