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Training opportunities supporting the ethos of the My Life programme

Family Wellbeing Platform

The purpose of the Family Wellbeing Platform is to support the development of the most cost-effective, integrated way to deliver a complete, family-centred approach to health improvement on the Isle of Wight that positively impacts on our community's lifestyle, health choices and behaviours.

To achieve this, we recognise that we need to equip all our staff who have a face-to-face contact with individuals and families and to help them develop the confidence to have conversations with individuals and families about their health; to b able to identify health issues and provide basic advice on maintaining good health; to be able to get individuals and families to resolve low level health issues independently; and to make sure they have the knowledge of how to access local health services for high level needs.

At the same time, we realise the practical constraints across our workforce and so we have identified free or low cost e-learning tools which can help practitioners to develop their knowledge of various aspects of health and wellbeing and to develop some key competencies in this area.

This approach will provide significant opportunities to promote health messages and initiate and embed change through healthy conversations, advice and support, brief intervention and/or signposting to other services.

Below is information about some of the free or low cost e-learning modules which can help practitioners to develop their knowledge of various aspects of health and wellbeing and to develop some key competencies in this area.

Public Health online resource

As part of their day-to-day work, learners will be able to:

  • identify health issues;
  • provide basic advice on maintaining good health;
  • get individuals and families to resolve low level health issues independently.

E-learning available includes:

Cost: E-learning modules available at £30+VAT per learner per module

PHE Alcohol Learning Resources

E-learning modules on Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice.

Learners will be able to identify those individuals whose drinking might be impacting on their health and delivering simple, structured advice.

Cost: Free of charge

Accessible on:

Making Every Contact Count (MECC)

This learning course will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes to complete and supports level 1 of Prevention and Lifestyle Behaviour Change: a Competence Framework.

Learners will gain knowledge, understanding and skills so that they are able to act on the five learning outcomes:

  • Know what MECC is and understand the potential impact of MECC in influencing health behaviour change.
  • Be able to identify opportunities with service users, clients, colleagues and other members of the public and understand how to make effective approaches in promoting health.
  • Know the current lifestyle recommendations for health and effects of wider determinants.
  • Understand what response and actions would be appropriate in supporting lifestyle issues and how to measure their impact.
  • Know how to overcome concerns and barriers. 

Cost: Free of charge

Accessible on 

This is the eLearning package that has been developed to align with the Healthy Conversation Skills training to ensure individuals and workforces have the underpinning knowledge in place to effectively support MECC delivery. We recommend this is completed after the face-to-face MECC Healthy Conversation Skills Session One and before Session Two. This allows trainees to develop their understanding within the context of the first session and allows them to reflect on the eLearning knowledge in Session Two. More information can be found about MECC here: 

Motivational Interviewing (MI)

This course is delivered as an e-learning programme and is accompanied by a printable workbook. The workbook can be used as a CPD activity, assessed in the workplace by the in-house health trainer, pharmacist or technician*, or certificated and assessed by the course provider (Buttercups).

Learners will gain knowledge and skills in motivational interviewing (MI) including:

  • Establishing rapport with the client and listening reflectively.
  • Asking open-ended questions to explore the client's own motivations for change.
  • Affirming the client's change-related statements and efforts.
  • Eliciting recognition of the gap between current behaviour and desired lifestyle/health goals.
  • Asking permission before providing information or advice.
  • Responding to resistance without direct confrontation
  • Encouraging the client's self-efficacy for change.
  • Developing an action plan to which the client is willing to 

Cost: £60 (Exc VAT) base enrolment price per learner.

£30 (Exc VAT) extra if the course is to be assessed and certificated by Buttercups.

Accessible on:!opendocument

Free Autism Awareness E-Learning Course 

To raise awareness of Autism, this module has been produced in partnership by the SHIP Autism Workforce
Development and Training Group; (Southampton; Hampshire; Isle of Wight and Portsmouth's Health and Social
Care Authorities and Hampshire Autistic Society.)
Please click here to take the training; it is free and will take approx. 20 minutes.

 Mobility Scooter Training at Isle of Wight Shopmobility

Isle of Wight Shopmobility on the corner of South Street & Orchard Street in Newport has been piloting a training course for adults to use a mobility scooter, made possible by My Life a Full Life. It is for anyone who wishes to use one, whether they own one, wish to buy one or hire one.

It includes training and guidance on using a scooter and staying safe. Part of the course involves a trainer walking alongside the trainee as he/she gains confidence in using the scooter. ‘Graduates’ are given a certificate of completion, a copy of the Scooter users Highway Code and a booklet of helpful hints with an offer of becoming a member of Shopmobility for ongoing support.

They have now trained over 50 people varying in age from 19 – 92! and are still counting!

For more information please see: or telephone 01983 718950 



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