Working better together to improve people’s lives on the island

System Redesign


At the heart of the My Life a Full Life programme is a comprehensive piece of work focusing on how we need to redesign our health and care services to ensure that everyone on the Island receives services that meet their needs for the next decade and beyond.

It is clear that our current health and care system is not coping and the challenges of an increasingly elderly population, with complex health and care needs is putting significant pressures on our services.  This coupled with the challenges of a workforce containing many people set to retire over the next few years and an ongoing struggle to recruit and retain staff, means that we have no option but to change the way we do things.

If we don't take action now, the combined Isle of Wight health and social care system will face a funding shortfall of £52 million by 2020.

We need to redesign our services and make the best use of the resources we have by working closer together in a more coordinated way, so we reduce duplication and provide a more joined-up care experience for people needing our support.

You can read more about our redesign process and how to get involved.


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