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Connecting families with support

The Family Wellbeing Platform was developed as a range of initiatives to help residents and their families with long term conditions make changes to their lifestyle to improve their overall health and to take pressure off the health and care services by:

  • Making sure any public facing agency (such as fire, housing, leisure etc) has conversations with the community about healthy lifestyles and providing training support for those services
  • Making sure Public Health commissioned services such as Drug & Alcohol, 0-19, Health Visitors, Sexual Health, and Local Area Coordinators adopt an overall approach to personal and family care to help make a healthy lifestyle the norm
  • Coordinating services around ill health prevention, particularly around the three national Public Health England priorities of smokers, those with a high Body Mass Index (BMI) and/or physically inactive and harmful or hazardous consumption of alcohol so that they make different lifestyle choices to improve their health

News and Updates

23rd May 2018

Islanders invited to have their say at health events

A ‘Question Time’ style event at which members of the public, local politicians, and interest groups will be invited to quiz a panel of local experts will kick-start a programme of events to discuss how acute (hospital based) services could be provided in the future on the Island.

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